BIOGATEO Its stability is key in the first steps

Biogateo is a respectful shoe that provides the safety and stability that the baby needs in uncontrolled environments, protecting the foot without losing the freedom of movement, so your feet can grow and develop naturally.

In the stage of crawling and first steps, going barefoot allows the baby to generate stimuli and expand his world through his feet. Biogateo provides conditions similar to those of walking barefoot in uncontrolled environments when footwear is necessary, providing the security they need without losing stimuli thanks to its ergonomic and biomechanical design.

The baby feels more secure.

Soft stabilizer, protects without limiting ankle movement, improving stability (Patented system).

Biomechanical sole, the base of the sole is wider to provide balance and stability.

Thin sole, non-slip and dorsiflexible, to feel the ground you step on safely.

From crawling to the first steps.

Size 18

Size 24

  • Made of natural materials free of chrome and nickel.
  • Maximum breathability.
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  • Removable antibacterial flat insole
  • Soft stabilizer, frees the ankle and protects the foot
  • Thin, non-slip and dorsiflexible sole
  • Braking zone
  • Rear shooter
  • Cleft in "U", frees the Achilles tendon
  • Thermal comfort, micro-perforated leather lining
  • Comfortable interior with flattened seams
  • Natural materials
  • Maximum traction

When does a child start to walk?

The median age is between




Less than 60% they do it with 1 year.

Just a 3% of the children walk alone with 9 months.

Our clients say

‚??As always, buying footwear for our son from this brand is the right thing to do. Because they are comfortable, beautiful, they adapt perfectly to your foot and you always have colors that go with everything. They are exactly as described. We will buy biomechanics again when they outgrow them.‚??

Experts reviews:


‚??Appropriate footwear favors the correct development of the foot, in addition to providing security and confidence to the baby in its first steps. A slightly wider heel base makes it easier to balance.‚??